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The Biggest Celebrities Behind Casino Sponsorships

    One of the biggest perks of achieving celebrity status, aside from all the freebies, is the fact that there are plenty of people out there willing to pay you to just have your name on their product. Companies love trading on the authority and recognition a name has, especially if they’re an expert in their field such as with the Gordom Ramsey cookware range or Michael Jordan sports gear.

    It’s an age-old tradition going back hundreds of years and one of the most prolific industries to make use of it in recent years is the casino industry, with more than a few big names lending themselves to big brands. Some of the biggest are below.

    Mike Tyson

    The legendary boxer has had a storied relationship with endorsement deals, and when it comes to casinos, the link is just natural. While he is naturally more associated with sports betting due to his former career, he has also done a lot of work with Vegas casinos in general, something which was famously referenced with his appearance in The Hangover

    As for Tyson himself, he has mentioned many times in podcasts and interviews that he is a big casino fan. It’s an interesting mental image to think of the hulking boxer on his smartphone in the back of a limo, opening up some Vegas casino online bonus codes and getting through his daily bonuses like free spins or cashback. You can never be too big for a good deal!


    As a man always at the cutting edge of style, fashion and trends, it’s no surprise that Drake has gotten himself involved in the most trendy tech of the moment, cryptocurrency. In particular, the Canadian superstar has been working a lot with crypto betting sites, which are online casinos focused on using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin over regular payments. Unusually for this kind of deal, Drake was actually an extremely active player on the online roulette and poker tables long before the relationship turned to business. There was even the famous case of the over $1 million Super Bowl bet, so the arrangement is as much out of personal interest as financial.

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    His legacy as the greatest player to ever step onto the football pitch may be hotly contested by Messi fans, but Ronaldo holds an undisputed title as master of the endorsement deal. He is comfortably the highest-paid football player in the world once salary, bonuses and sponsorship deals are taken into account. 

    Amongst all the other brands he has lent his name and face to, he has also appeared as an extremely high-profile ambassador for major casino brands. He’s also known to be an avid player himself, especially for poker, and he has given his CR7 stamp to a number of casino resorts in Spain and Portugal that have poker as the main focus game, even offering the chance to play Texas Hold’Em against him as a competition prize.


    Those are a small selection of the big names involved with casinos, although the list goes on a lot longer with more sportspeople, more singers and even a few actors involved. Expect to see plenty more names attached to plenty more big casinos in the future!

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