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The Lavish Lifestyle of Top Tier MLB Players

    Top highest paid MLB Players

    Top sportsmen earn enormous salaries and, if they spend that money on a lavish lifestyle, few of us should be surprised. Baseball is a big draw in the United States and, while athletes in other sports may head the lists of highest earners, MLB players are doing just fine.

    But what are they spending their money on? Here is a list of some of baseball’s highflyers, along with details of their mansions and accompanying luxuries.

    The Big League

    Associated industries also benefit from the interest in baseball. TV advertising is at a premium during the final games of the season, while the rise in sports betting across the United States results in additional revenue. People who bet on MLB games often seek accurate MLB picks to guide their decisions.

    Associated industries also benefit from the interest in baseball. TV advertising is at a premium during the final games of the season, while the rise in sports betting across the United States sees additional revenue earned.

    In short, it’s a perfect package and one that provides a platform for some huge salaries.

    The Big Earners

    The list of highest paid players for the 2022 MLB season puts Max Scherzer of the New York Mets at the very top. His numbers came in at an exceptional $43,333,333 for the year, however he clearly earns his money as his team are nearly always rated as favorites in the mlb lines. Next up was Gerrit Cole of the New York Yankees who was paid $36 million by his team.

    Other notable entrants in the top ten include Mike Trout and Anthony Rendon of the Los Angeles Angels, Nolan Arenado of the St Louis Cardinals and Corey Seager of the Texas Rangers. Everyone in the top ten earns in excess of $30 million dollars.

    Players’ wages can be supplemented by external endorsements and many MLB players are taking full advantage. Here’s what some of those top earners spend their money on.

    Miguel Cabrera

    The first baseman for the Detroit Tigers has now reached the veteran stages of his career. As he approaches his 40th birthday, Miguel Cabrera might just be looking forward to a comfortable retirement at his $3.2 million dollar mansion at Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan.

    With a reported net worth of $145 million, the Venezuelan born hitter could go bigger if he wished, but there’s ample room in this sprawling complex which was built in 1966. Cabrera isn’t one of the high-profile big spenders. He married his childhood sweetheart Rosangel, so don’t expect to see celebrity girlfriends hanging from his arm.

    Ryan Howard

    He may have recently retired, but the sheer scale of Ryan Howard’s mansion underlines the earning power for current MLB players. The sluggers seem to get the best deal and this former Phillies’ first baseman went big when he acquired his luxury pad in Belleair Shore, Florida.

    Howard first purchased the property in 2011 and its cost of $3.5 was relatively modest in terms of what’s happened since. He’s lately splashed out a further $5.8 million to bring it up to his exacting standards.

    The Mediterranean style mansion now boasts eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms and two inside elevators to help negotiate its 34,000 square feet.

    Max Scherzer

    We mentioned Max Scherzer as the highest earner among current baseball players, but has he invested those funds wisely? The New York Yankees pitcher hit the headlines at the end of 2022 as it was revealed that he had spent some $5.4 million on a Long Island home.

    Shortly afterwards, Scherzer let the press inside his mansion to showcase its five bedrooms and six bathrooms. The move came just after the pitcher had signed a new, three-year contract with the Yankees that was said to be worth in the region of $130 million.

    Gerrit Cole

    Second on the list of top earners in the 2022 MLB campaign, Gerrit Cole moved into his $5.6 million mansion in 2020. A direct pitching rival to Max Scherzer, Cole is a key player in the New York Yankees roster and the purchase helped him to celebrate another multi million dollar contract.

    Sport runs in the family for Cole who is married to former UCLA softball player Amy Crawford. The image of high paid MLB players wasting their income on nightclubs and celebrity girlfriends is shattered to an extent but Cole, and all others on this list, spare no expense when it comes to real estate.

    Joining the Queue

    The top ten big earners in today’s MLB will also be able to afford similar luxury accommodation. Some are modest about their acquisitions, while others have attained celebrity status and will not shy away from boasting about their wealth.

    The MLB is a division where only the very best can play, but it’s clear that those who do make the big league will be handsomely rewarded.

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