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Who is Hwang Hyunjin? Hwang Junjin Stray Kids Biography, Age and much more 


    Ever heard of Stray Kids? If you’re into K-pop, there’s a good chance you know Hyunjin, or Hwang Hyunjin. This talented young performer isn’t just a singer or rapper – he’s a dancing machine with undeniable stage presence. Hyunjin’s got killer looks too, which has made him a favorite among fans. But his talents go beyond that. He’s even involved in songwriting, making him a true all-around artist. No wonder he’s become such a big star!

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    From Seoul to the World: The Rise of Stray Kids Hyunjin

    Let’s face it, most K-Pop idols seem to have spent their entire childhoods training to be stars. Born in Seoul, Hyunjin birthday on March 20, 2000. Our Hwang Hyunjin had a normal childhood growing up in the bustling city. He wasn’t just any ordinary kid though – he already had a big heart for animals, evidenced by his furry companion, Kkomi. There’s a fun fact for you: a young Hwang Hyunjin even went by the name “Sam” during a trip to Las Vegas! Maybe that early exposure to international life planted a seed for his future global fame, wouldn’t you say?

    Real NameHwang Hyun-jin
    Mononym (Nick Name)Hwang Hyun-jin
    Main ProfessionSinger, Dancer
    CitizenshipSouth Korean
    Hyunjin Birthday date20 March, 2000
    Hwang Hyunjin age24 years old

    Hyunjin’s path to becoming a K-pop idol is the stuff of dreams. Imagine this: he’s just hanging out with his mom on a shopping trip, probably bored out of his mind, when BAM! His life takes a crazy turn. Talent scouts from JYP Entertainment, a K-Pop powerhouse, spot him in the crowd. Now, Hwang Hyunjin wasn’t exactly a singing, rapping, dancing machine at that point. But the scouts saw something special – his incredible looks and a certain star quality that just screamed “potential.” They took a chance on this unpolished gem, and that’s when everything changed.

    Early Life and Career Beginning of Hwan Hyunjijn

    JYP became Hyunjin’s training ground. He threw himself into learning everything he needed to become a K-Pop idol. We’re talking countless hours of practice, sweat, and maybe even a few tears. But Hyunjin’s dedication paid off. He honed his skills in rapping, dancing, and even songwriting, proving that JYP’s gamble was a brilliant one.

    Fast forward a few years, and guess what? Hwang Hyunjin absolutely blossomed! He debuted as part of Stray Kids in 2018, not just as a lead rapper, but also as a lead dancer and visual. Boom! Talk about a triple threat! It’s a testament to his hard work and raw talent that he transformed from a shopping-trip teen into a full-fledged K-Pop star.

    Hyunjin’s story is truly inspiring. He shows us that even without years of pre-debut training, anything is possible with dedication and a little bit of that special something. He’s a core member of Stray Kids, captivating fans all over the world with his talent and charisma. So the next time you see Stray Kids perform, remember Hwang Hyunjin – the Seoul boy who went from shopping sprees with his mom to rocking stages across the globe! Now that’s a story worth telling, right?

    Training and Pre-Debut Period

    Hwang Hyunjin wasn’t always the captivating dancer fans know him for today. Before the lights and screams, he was just a teenager with a talent waiting to be discovered. One day, a scout from JYP Entertainment, a giant K-Pop company, saw something special in Hwang Hyunjin and whisked him away to become a trainee.

    For two years, Hwang Hyunjin traded his normal teenage life for a world of practice rooms and intense training. It was tough, but he wasn’t alone. Other aspiring idols were there too, all pushing themselves to become the next K-Pop stars. While singing and rapping were part of the routine, it was actually watching his more experienced fellow trainees own the stage that sparked a new passion in Hyunjin – dance. He craved that kind of onstage energy, that connection with the audience.

    Finding His Passion: Dance Takes Center Stage

    Determined to level up his dancing skills, Hwang Hyunjin enrolled at the School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA), a prestigious school known for molding young talents into industry stars. Here, he honed his abilities in different dance styles, becoming the well-rounded performer fans would soon adore.

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    Finally, in October 2017, the big moment arrived. JYP Entertainment announced a new survival show called “Stray Kids” where trainees would compete for a spot in a brand new boy group. This was Hyunjin’s chance to shine. With the roles of “Rap” and “Dance” under his belt, he was ready to show the world everything he’d been working towards. The journey to becoming Hyunjin Stray Kids, the captivating performer, was about to begin.

    Debut with Stray Kids

    After a tough competition on the reality show “Stray Kids” in late 2017, Hyunjin, or Hwang Hyunjin to use his full name, secured his spot in the new boy group!  Just a few months later, in March 2018, Stray Kids officially debuted with their mini-album “I am NOT” and the cool song “District 9.” From the start, Hwang Hyunjin impressed everyone with his amazing dancing skills and rapping talents.

    Stray Kids blew up fast, thanks in part to the fact that they write and produce a lot of their own music. There are eight members in the group now: Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N. Originally there was one more member, Woojin, but he left the group in October 2019 for personal reasons.

    Career Highlights and Achievements

    Since his debut, Hyunjin has been an integral part of Stray Kids success. Here are some of the key highlights of his career:

    1. Dance Machine: Hyunjin’s known as one of Stray Kids’ main dancers. His moves are super cool, switching from smooth and flowing to sharp and precise. This makes him a total standout during performances!
    2. Double Duty: Not only can he dance, but Hyunjin’s also considered one of Stray Kids’ visuals. Fans love his trendy style and long hair!
    3. MC Time: Hyunjin even showed off his presenting skills as an MC on the popular music show “Show! Music Core” in 2019! This helped him gain even more recognition.
    4. Branching Out: In late 2019, Hyunjin joined a project group called BBANGBBANGZ with other idols. This was a fun chance to collaborate with artists outside of Stray Kids!
    5. Solo Spotlight: Hyunjin’s also gotten to showcase his talents on his own. He choreographed and performed a dance to Billie Eilish’s “When the Party’s Over” and even wrote his own song called “Miss You”!
    6. Dance Master: In October 2021, Hyunjin was named STUDIO CHOOM’s “Artist of the Month.” He did an amazing dance performance to Post Malone’s “Motley Crew,” solidifying his status as a top-tier dancer.
    7. Songwriting Skills: Hyunjin’s been busy writing songs too! He often works with Bang Chan to create demos and even released his self-composed song “Ice Cream.” He also wrote and performed his own solo song “Love Untold” for Stray Kids’ “SKZ-REPLAY” album.
    8. Fashion Icon: Hyunjin’s got major fashion cred! In July 2023, he became a Global Brand Ambassador for Versace, a super fancy fashion house. This shows how much influence he has in the fashion world!
    9. Getting Personal: Fans got excited when Hyunjin opened his own Instagram account in August 2023. Now they can get a more personal look into his life!
    10. Global Collab: Hyunjin went international in August 2023 when he was featured on a remix of Troye Sivan’s song “Rush”! This was a huge accomplishment.

    Artistry and Performance Style

    Hyunjin, a member of the popular K-pop group Stray Kids, isn’t just a pretty face. Sure, everyone loves his long hair (it’s practically become his signature look!), tall frame, and trendy style. But this talented guy is much more than that.

    On stage, Hyunjin is a captivating performer. His dancing is amazing – he can switch between smooth, effortless moves and powerful, sharp ones in a heartbeat. Plus, his expressions are always on point, really drawing you into the performance. It’s no wonder he stands out in Stray Kids!

    Hyunjin’s not all about dancing, though. He’s been working hard on his musical skills too. He loves writing songs about love and crushes, showing a softer side to his artistry. He even collaborates with his bandmate Bang Chan to create demos, proving how dedicated he is to growing as a musician and contributing even more to Stray Kids’ music.

    Personal Life and Education

    Being a K-Pop idol is a tough job, but Stray Kids Hyunjin Hwang isn’t letting it stop him from learning! Even with a busy schedule, Hyunjin made sure to graduate from the School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA) in February 2019.  He’s also currently enrolled at Global Cyber University, where he’s focusing on mastering English. 

    hyunjin stray kids
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    This dedication to his education, especially English, definitely helps him out in his international career. Hyunjin even took the suneung exam (the big college entrance exam in South Korea) back in November 2018, proving he can totally rock both schoolwork and being a K-Pop star.  Talk about impressive!

    Philanthropy and Social Causes

    Stray Kids’ Hyunjin, or Hwang Hyunjin as some fans call him, has a big heart! He’s shown this by using his success to help others.

    Here are some cool things he’s done:

    1. Helped after the earthquakes: In March 2023, a big earthquake hit Turkey and Syria. Hyunjin donated a ton of money (over $75,000!) to help people who were hurt or lost their homes. This act of kindness earned him a spot in a special donor club!
    2. Raised awareness for breast cancer: Last year, Hyunjin teamed up with a magazine called W Korea for their “Love Your W” campaign. This campaign helps people learn more about breast cancer, which is important for staying healthy.
    3. Supported people who can’t hear well: Just this April, Hyunjin donated a lot of money again (over $75,000!) to an organization called The Snail of Love. This group helps people who have trouble hearing. Because of his generous donation, Hyunjin became a member of their special “Soul Leader” club!

    It’s clear that Hyunjin cares a lot about making the world a better place. By using his platform as a member of Stray Kids, he’s inspiring others to help those in need!

    Challenges and Growth

    Hyunjin, from the popular K-pop group Stray Kids, isn’t a stranger to facing tough times. Back in February 2021, there were rumors that he bullied someone in school. Bullying is a big deal in South Korea, so Hyunjin had to take a break from Stray Kids’ activities for a while. This even meant missing out on a cool competition show called “Kingdom: Legendary War.”

    That break wasn’t forever, though! Hyunjin came back to Stray Kids in June 2021, appearing in a music video for their song “Mixtape: OH.” Fans were super happy to have him back, and Hyunjin seems like a whole new person since then. He’s grown a lot, both as a performer and as a regular dude. You can really see how much more mature he is on stage and how he interacts with fans. It seems like even though things were rough, this experience helped Hyunjin become a better version of himself.

    Role in Stray Kids

    Within Stray Kids, Hyunjin plays several crucial roles:

    1. Main Dancer: As one of the main dancers, Hyunjin is often at the forefront of the group’s choreography. His distinctive dance style adds depth and visual interest to Stray Kids’ performances.
    2. Visual: Hyunjin’s striking looks make him one of the group’s visual centers, often catching the eye in music videos and live performances.
    3. Rapper: While not one of the main rappers like Changbin or Han, Hyunjin contributes rap verses to many of Stray Kids’ songs, showcasing his versatility as a performer.
    4. Vocalist: Although not primarily known for his vocals, Hyunjin has shown improvement in his singing abilities over the years, often contributing melodic parts to songs.
    5. Songwriter and Composer: Hyunjin has been increasingly involved in the group’s music production, writing lyrics and composing melodies for various tracks.

    Hyunjin is also part of the unofficial sub-unit “Danceracha” along with members Lee Know and Felix. This sub-unit often showcases special dance performances, highlighting the exceptional dance skills of these three members.

    Fashion and Style

    Hyunjin’s influence extends beyond music into the realm of fashion. His appointment as a Global Brand Ambassador for Versace in July 2023 solidified his status as a fashion icon. This role involves representing the brand globally, attending fashion events, and being featured in various campaigns.

    Hyunjin’s personal style is often described as a mix of high fashion and street style. He’s known for experimenting with different looks, from sleek suits to more casual, edgy outfits. His long hair, which he styles in various ways, has become a significant part of his image and is often a topic of discussion among fans.

    As part of Stray Kids, Hyunjin has also participated in various fashion endeavors. The group was selected as the Asian ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger for the 2023 Fall campaign and the 2024 Spring campaign. In a major fashion moment, Stray Kids, including Hyunjin, made their Met Gala debut in May 2024 as guests of designer Tommy Hilfiger. They wore overcoats that they removed to reveal tailored suits in the brand’s signature red, white, and blue with gold accents. This appearance marked a significant milestone, as they were the first K-pop group to attend the prestigious event together.

    Credits: Korea JoongAng Daily

    Fan Interaction and Social Media Presence

    Hyunjin, like the rest of Stray Kids, has a strong connection with the group’s fanbase, known as STAY. He frequently interacts with fans through various platforms, including the group’s official social media accounts, VLive broadcasts, and fan meetings.

    The opening of his personal Instagram account in August 2023 provided fans with a more direct way to connect with Hyunjin and get glimpses of his daily life, interests, and behind-the-scenes moments. His Instagram posts often showcase his fashion sense, dance practice sessions, and interactions with his fellow Stray Kids members.

    Fans send protest trucks to JYP, demanding the exit of Stray Kids Hyunjin

    Some fans of Stray Kids were unhappy with member Hwang Hyunjin and wanted him to leave the group. This happened in March after rumors spread online about Hyunjin. The rumors turned into a big fight, with fans on both sides arguing.

    Here’s what happened:

    1. Fans sent trucks with messages asking Hwang Hyunjin to leave Stray Kids.
    2. The messages said Hwang Hyunjin was involved in too many arguments that hurt the group’s image.
    3. The rumors included supposed chats between Hwang Hyunjin and a celebrity, but those chats turned out to be fake.
    4. Some fans believed the rumors and wanted Hwang Hyunjin to leave the group.
    5. Other fans supported Hwang Hyunjin and said the rumors were wrong.
    6. Hyunjin’s agency said they would take legal action against people spreading lies about him.

    Future Prospects

    As of 2024, at the age of 24, Hyunjin’s career continues to flourish. With Stray Kids’ increasing global popularity, his role as a Versace brand ambassador, and his growing skills in music production and performance, Hyunjin’s future in the entertainment industry looks bright.

    There’s potential for Hwang Hyunjin to expand further into solo activities, whether in music, dance, or fashion. His improving English skills and international exposure also position him well for potential global projects.


    Hwang Hyunjin’s journey from a trainee with no particular skills to a multi-talented idol is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and natural charisma. Hwang Hyunjin Stray Kids, a rising solo artist, and a fashion icon, Hyunjin continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his performances, style, and evolving artistry.

    His growth as a dancer, rapper, singer, and songwriter, combined with his striking visuals and fashion sense, make him a standout figure in the current K-pop landscape. Despite facing challenges, Hyunjin has shown resilience and maturity, emerging stronger and more dedicated to his craft.

    As Hyunjin continues to evolve as an artist and public figure, fans and industry observers alike are eager to see what the future holds for this talented young star. Whether on stage with Stray Kids, in fashion campaigns for luxury brands, or in his solo endeavors, Hwang Hyunjin is undoubtedly a name to watch in the world of K-pop and beyond.


    Who is Hwang Hyunjin?

    Hwang Hyunjin is a South Korean singer, rapper, dancer, and model. He is a member of the K-pop boy group Stray Kids, formed by JYP Entertainment.

    When was Hwang Hwang Hyunjin born?

    Hwang Hyunjin was born on March 20, 2000, in Seoul, South Korea.

    What is Hwang Hyunjin’s role in Stray Kids?

    Hyunjin is a main dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist in Stray Kids. He is known for his exceptional dance skills and charismatic stage presence.

    How did Hwang Hyunjin join Stray Kids?

    Hyunjin became a member of Stray Kids through the 2017 reality show of the same name. He was one of the nine trainees chosen to debut in the final group.

    What are some of Hwang Hyunjin’s notable skills?

    Hyunjin is recognized for his dancing abilities, often praised for his fluid movements and powerful performances. He’s also known for his rapping skills and visuals.

    Has Hwang Hyunjin pursued any activities outside of Stray Kids?

    Yes, Hyunjin has participated in various activities outside the group. He has appeared in music videos for other artists, taken part in dance collaborations, and has done some modeling work.

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