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Who is Jun Ji Hyun? Jun Ji Hyun Movies and TV Shows, Husband, Net Worth, age and much more

    Jun Ji- Hyun

    If you’re a fan of Korean wave (Hallyu) dramas and movies, then Jun Ji Hyun is a name you likely already know and love. A superstar in South Korea and a beloved actress across Asia, Jun Ji Hyun has been captivating audiences for over two decades with her talent and charm.

    But there’s more to her than just being a pretty face on screen. Jun Ji Hyun is a versatile actress who has excelled in a wide range of roles, from the bubbly and hilarious lead in “My Sassy Girl” to the elegance and grace of a mermaid in “The Legend of the Blue Sea.”

    jun ji hyun
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    This intro is just a peek into the world of Jun Ji Hyun. We’ll delve deeper into her impressive filmography, exploring both her blockbuster movies and hit TV shows. We’ll also satisfy your curiosity about her personal life, finding out who she married and even estimating her net worth. So, get ready to learn more about this talented and multifaceted actress!

    Who is Jun Ji Hyun?

    Jun Ji-Hyun, born Wang Ji-Hyun on October 30, 1981, is a celebrated South Korean actress and model. While her childhood dream was to be a flight attendant, fate took her down a different path. At 16, she began modeling and entered the entertainment industry in 1998 under the stage name Jun Ji-hyun.

    The year 2001 marked a turning point for Jun. Her role in the romantic comedy “My Sassy Girl” became a phenomenal success across Asia, propelling her to superstardom and contributing significantly to the Korean Wave’s international reach.

    Jun Ji-Hyun has showcased her versatility throughout her career. People still thinking who did Jun Ji-hyun marry? Then to their knowledge, she married businessman Choi Joon-hyuk in 2012, and the couple has two children.

    Jun Ji-hyun’s talent has been acknowledged with numerous awards, including two Best Actress wins at the Grand Bell Awards and a Grand Prize for Television at the Baeksang Arts Awards.  She is considered one of the top Hallyu stars and is part of a prestigious group of actresses known as “The Troika,” alongside Kim Tae-hee and Song Hye-kyo.

    Jun Ji-Hyun, at the age of 42 (as of July 1, 2024), remains a prominent figure in the Korean entertainment industry. Her captivating performances and enduring popularity continue to inspire fans worldwide. While her net worth is not publicly available, her success speaks volumes for her remarkable career.

    The Rise of a Korean Superstar

    From Model to Movie Star: Jun Ji Hyun’s Early Career

    Jun Ji Hyun, born Wang Ji Hyun on October 30, 1981, in Seoul, South Korea, has become one of the most recognizable faces in Korean entertainment. But her path to stardom wasn’t always clear. As a young girl, Jun Ji Hyun’s childhood dream was far removed from the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry – she wanted to become a flight attendant. However, fate had other plans for the tall, slim teenager.

    At the tender age of 16, Jun Ji Hyun’s life took an unexpected turn when she was spotted on the street by a fashion editor. This chance encounter led her to begin her career as a model for Ecole Magazine in 1997. It was during this time that she adopted the stage name Jun Ji Hyun, marking the beginning of her journey into the public eye.

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    Credits: Tatler Asia

    Jun Ji Hyun’s striking looks and natural charisma in front of the camera quickly caught the attention of advertisers and filmmakers alike. In 1999, at the age of 18, she made her film debut in “White Valentine.” While the movie itself didn’t make huge waves, it served as a stepping stone for the young actress, giving her valuable experience in front of the camera.

    However, it wasn’t until later that year that Jun Ji Hyun truly captured the public’s attention. A commercial for Samsung My Jet Printer featuring the young model-turned-actress became a sensation. Jun Ji Hyun’s dancing and attitude in the ad resonated with Korean youth, quickly turning her into an icon for those in their late teens and early twenties.

    Breakthrough and Stardom: Rise to Fame

    While Jun Ji Hyun had made a name for herself in commercials and smaller roles, her big break came in 2001 with the romantic comedy “My Sassy Girl.” The film, which became a massive hit not only in South Korea but across Asia, cemented Jun Ji Hyun’s status as a bona fide movie star.

    In “My Sassy Girl,” Jun Ji Hyun played a character that went against traditional Asian gender norms. Her portrayal of a loud, domineering, yet endearing girlfriend captivated audiences and critics alike. The film’s success launched Jun Ji Hyun into pan-Asian stardom, making her one of the biggest Hallyu (Korean Wave) stars in the Chinese-language market.

    The phenomenal success of “My Sassy Girl” led to Jun Ji Hyun being dubbed “The Nation’s First Love” in South Korea. This title reflected not only her immense popularity but also the affectionate regard in which she was held by the public. Her growing fame resulted in numerous companies clamoring for her endorsement, further solidifying her status as a top star.

    Jun Ji Hyun’s talent didn’t go unrecognized by the industry either. For her performance in “My Sassy Girl,” she won the Best Actress award at the 2002 Grand Bell Awards, one of South Korea’s most prestigious film awards.

    Expanding Horizons: Jun Ji Hyun’s Diverse Roles

    Following the massive success of “My Sassy Girl,” Jun Ji Hyun continued to challenge herself with diverse roles. In 2003, she starred in the psychological thriller “The Uninvited.” While the film received positive reviews from critics, it failed to match the commercial success of her previous work. Nevertheless, it showcased Jun Ji Hyun’s versatility as an actress, proving she could handle more serious, dramatic roles.

    In 2004, Jun Ji Hyun reunited with “My Sassy Girl” director Kwak Jae-yong for the romantic comedy “Windstruck.” While some viewers felt her role was too similar to her character in “My Sassy Girl,” the film performed exceptionally well in Japan, further expanding Jun Ji Hyun’s international fanbase.

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    As Jun Ji Hyun’s career progressed, she continued to take on challenging and diverse roles. In 2006, she starred in “Daisy,” a romantic drama filmed entirely on location in the Netherlands. The film, which paired her with fellow Korean star Jung Woo-sung, demonstrated Jun Ji Hyun’s willingness to step out of her comfort zone and take on international projects.

    Hollywood Calling: Jun Ji Hyun’s Global Ambitions

    Jun Ji Hyun’s talent and popularity weren’t confined to Asia. In 2009, she made her Hollywood debut in the action horror film “Blood: The Last Vampire.” For this role, Jun Ji Hyun adopted the Westernized name Gianna Jun and underwent three months of intense training to portray a sword-wielding martial arts heroine.

    While “Blood: The Last Vampire” received mixed reviews, it marked an important step in Jun Ji Hyun’s career, showcasing her ambition to make a mark on the global stage. The experience of working in a Hollywood production undoubtedly broadened her horizons as an actress and increased her international recognition.

    Jun Ji Hyun’s foray into Hollywood continued in 2011 with “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan,” a Chinese-American co-production directed by Wayne Wang. The film, based on Lisa See’s bestselling novel, allowed Jun Ji Hyun to showcase her acting skills in an English-language production alongside Chinese actress Li Bingbing.

    Return to Korean Cinema: Jun Ji Hyun’s Career Resurgence

    After her Hollywood experiences, Jun Ji Hyun returned to Korean cinema with renewed vigor. In 2012, she starred in the heist film “The Thieves,” which became one of the highest-grossing Korean films of all time. Jun Ji Hyun’s performance as a cat burglar named Yenicall was praised by critics and audiences alike, reaffirming her status as one of Korea’s top actresses.

    Following the success of “The Thieves,” Jun Ji Hyun took on another challenging role in the 2013 spy thriller “The Berlin File.” Her portrayal of a North Korean translator married to an intelligence agent showcased her versatility as an actress and her ability to master different dialects.

    In 2015, Jun Ji Hyun starred in the period action film “Assassination,” set during the Japanese occupation of Korea in the 1930s. Her performance as a sniper leading a team of independence fighters earned her the Best Actress award at the Grand Bell Awards and the Max Movie Awards, further cementing her reputation as one of Korea’s finest actresses.

    Television Comeback

    While Jun Ji Hyun had made her name primarily in films, she made a triumphant return to television in 2013 with the fantasy romance drama “My Love from the Star.” The series, in which she played a top actress who falls in love with an alien, became a cultural phenomenon not just in Korea but across Asia.

    “My Love from the Star” was a ratings juggernaut, sparking trends in fashion, make-up, and even food. Jun Ji Hyun’s performance earned her the highest honor at the 2014 Baeksang Arts Awards and the 2014 SBS Drama Awards – the Daesang, or Grand Prize. The drama’s success reestablished Jun Ji Hyun as a leader of the Hallyu wave, and she was honored with the President’s Award at the Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards.

    In 2016, Jun Ji Hyun returned to the small screen with “The Legend of the Blue Sea,” a fantasy romance that paired her with Lee Min-ho. The drama was another hit, showcasing Jun Ji Hyun’s enduring popularity and her ability to captivate audiences across different mediums.

    Personal Life: Jun Ji Hyun’s Marriage and Family

    Despite her busy career, Jun Ji Hyun has managed to maintain a relatively private personal life. On April 13, 2012, Jun Ji Hyun married Choi Joon-hyuk in a high-profile wedding at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul. Choi, a banker, comes from a family with deep roots in the fashion industry – he is the grandson of renowned hanbok designer Lee Young-hee and the son of fashion designer Lee Jung-woo.

    The couple’s wedding was a star-studded affair, attended by over 600 guests, including many celebrities. In a touching gesture, the congratulatory money received at the wedding was donated to charity, reflecting Jun Ji Hyun’s philanthropic nature.

    jun ji hyun
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    Jun Ji Hyun and Choi Joon-hyuk have since welcomed two children into their family. Their first son was born on February 10, 2016, and their second son arrived on January 26, 2018. Despite her status as a top star, Jun Ji Hyun has managed to balance her career with her role as a wife and mother, earning admiration from fans for her ability to juggle her personal and professional lives.

    Jun Ji Hyun’s Net Worth and Endorsements

    As one of South Korea’s most popular and in-demand actresses, Jun Ji Hyun has amassed considerable wealth throughout her career. While exact figures are difficult to confirm, various sources estimate Jun Ji Hyun’s net worth to be in the range of $20-30 million.

    A significant portion of Jun Ji Hyun’s earnings comes from her numerous endorsement deals. She is one of the most sought-after celebrity endorsers in South Korea, with her influence extending far beyond the entertainment industry. In 2014 alone, it was estimated that Jun Ji Hyun earned approximately 20 billion won (around $17 million) from advertising and endorsement fees.

    Jun Ji Hyun’s influence in the world of fashion and beauty is particularly notable. A lipstick she wore in “My Love from the Star” – YSL “Rouge Pur Couture No. 52” – sold out worldwide following the drama’s success. Similarly, a coat she wore on the show caused a surge in sales, with over 2,500 units sold in just ten days.

    Her appeal to luxury brands is equally impressive. In 2015, Italian fashion house Gucci selected Jun Ji Hyun as the face of their Asia-exclusive Spring/Summer 2015 Accessories Campaign. In 2020, she became the first Korean ambassador for British luxury fashion brand Alexander McQueen. Most recently, in September 2022, Jun Ji Hyun made history by becoming the first South Korean female artist to be named a Global Ambassador for Burberry.

    Jun Ji Hyun’s Age and Lasting Appeal

    Born in 1981, Jun Ji Hyun is currently in her early 40s as of 2023. However, her age seems to have little impact on her popularity or her ability to take on diverse roles. If anything, Jun Ji Hyun has only grown more versatile and respected as an actress with age.

    Her enduring appeal is evident in the continued success of her projects, both on the big and small screens. From her breakthrough role in “My Sassy Girl” when she was just 20 years old, to her recent performances in dramas like “Kingdom: Ashin of the North” and “Jirisan” in her late 30s and early 40s, Jun Ji Hyun has consistently delivered compelling performances that resonate with audiences.

    jun ji hyun
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    Jun Ji Hyun’s ability to remain relevant and popular over such a long career is a testament to her talent, hard work, and the genuine connection she has forged with her audience. As she continues to take on new challenges and expand her repertoire, it’s clear that Jun Ji Hyun’s star power shows no signs of dimming.


    From her early days as a model to her current status as one of Korea’s most beloved actresses, Jun Ji Hyun’s journey in the entertainment industry has been nothing short of remarkable. Her diverse filmography, which includes romantic comedies, action thrillers, and historical dramas, showcases her versatility as an actress and her willingness to take on challenging roles.

    Jun Ji Hyun’s impact extends beyond her on-screen performances. She has become a cultural icon, influencing fashion trends and setting beauty standards. Her endorsements have the power to sell out products, and her involvement in a project often guarantees its success.

    Despite her fame, Jun has managed to maintain a level of privacy in her personal life, successfully balancing her roles as a top actress, wife, and mother. Her marriage to Choi Joon-hyuk and the birth of their two sons have only added new dimensions to her public image, endearing her further to fans who have followed her career for over two decades.

    As Jun Ji Hyun continues to evolve as an actress and take on new challenges, her legacy in Korean entertainment seems assured. From the young model who dreamed of being a flight attendant to the internationally recognized star she is today, Jun Ji Hyun’s journey is a testament to her talent, perseverance, and the enduring appeal of her charm both on and off the screen.


    Who is Jun Ji Hyun?

    Jun Ji Hyun is a South Korean actress and model. She’s one of the most popular and highest-paid actresses in South Korea, known for her roles in both television series and 


    What are some of Jun Ji Hyun’s most famous movies and TV shows?

    Some of her most notable works include:

    • Movies: “My Sassy Girl” (2001), “The Thieves” (2012), “The Berlin File” (2013)
    • TV Shows: “My Love from the Star” (2013-2014), “Legend of the Blue Sea” (2016-2017), “Kingdom: Ashin of the North” (2021)

    Who is Jun Ji Hyun’s husband?

    Jun Ji Hyun is married to Choi Joon Hyuk, a banker. They tied the knot in 2012.

    What is Jun Ji Hyun’s estimated net worth?

    As of my last update, Jun Ji Hyun’s net worth was estimated to be around $20-30 million. However, this figure can vary and may have changed since then.

    How old is Jun?

    Jun Ji Hyun was born on October 30, 1981. As of 2024, she would be 42 years old.

    What other names is Jun Ji Hyun known by?

    She’s also known by her English name, Gianna Jun, and her birth name, Wang Ji Hyun.

    Has Jun won any major awards?

    Yes, she has won numerous awards throughout her career, including multiple Baeksang Arts Awards, Blue Dragon Film Awards, and Grand Bell Awards for her performances in both film and television.

    Is Jun active on social media?

    Unlike many celebrities, Jun Ji Hyun is known for maintaining a very private personal life and does not have official public social media accounts.

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