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12 Facts About Jordan Belfort Ex-Wife Denise Lombardo & Divorce

    Jordan Belfort and Denise Lombardo’s Divorce

    Who is Denise Lombardo?

    The first wife of the notorious ‘Wolf of the Wall street’, Jordan Belfort is Denise Lombardo. She gained the spotlight after getting married to Belfort. Denise is also well-praised for her work on the ‘Growing Seeds of Decay’. Septycal George sung this amazing album.

    Denise Lombardo Birthday is in 1963 on 11th Nov. She was born to her loving parents named Ann Lombardo and Anthony Fiorito. Hailing from Ohio, USA, she has the Italian-ancestry. From her birthday, we can deduce that Denise was born with the zodiac sign or under the stars of Scorpio. It is known that she spent a considerable amount of her childhood days with her sisters Lisa & Deanna Scordato. She also has a brother named Paul Lombardo.

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    Interesting Facts about Denise Lombardo

    1. According to Denise Lombardo’s biography, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Townson University in Business Administration. She completed her B.Sc in the year of 1992. Upon graduation, she was employed in the sales department, of Modern Medical Systems for 7 years followed by Nephew and Smith. 

    2. In her student life, she was also a member of the Alpha Omicron pi fraternity. She can speak both German and Italian languages.

    3. Jordan Belfort and Denise Lombardo met in their days of high school. After a few years of dating, this couple took the decision of marrying each other in 1985. They didn’t have stability in their career back then. As a result, they faced heavy financial issues in the beginning.

    4. Even if Jordan and Denise started with a financial crisis, in the beginning, Jordan in his career went in various directions to earn. Then from the share market, Jordan earned 3 million US dollars within one year. 

    5. Although due to the profession, they were able to achieve an economically good life. But it turned their lovely relationship sour.

    6. Jordan Belfort’s wife Denise Lombardo has not been in the limelight since her divorce from Jordan Belfort. Her activities suggest that, unlike her ex-husband, she wants to work from behind the curtains.

    7. Considering her birthday, at present, Denise Lombardo Age is 58 years and 5’2″ inch of height.

    8. Jordan Belfort’s first wife Denise had no children. However, Jordan has two kids with his second wife Nadine Caridi.

    9. Not much is known about the social life of Denise. Contrary to her former husband, she is not a socially active person. Surprisingly, Denise Lombardo Wikipedia is not one of the top searches on the internet.

    10. At a personal level, she also endured yet another heartbreak, this time in the form of human life. She grieved her sister Deanna’s death in 2013.

    11. Denise Lombardo is a very hard-working person. She continued to work in different companies and later became a licensed real estate agent for Prudential Douglass Elliman Company. 

    12. The current saturation of employment status in the profession has allowed Denise Lombardo to live a lavish life. She deserves her lifestyle by working in different professions and active endeavors. 

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    Jordan Belfort Divorced With Denise Lombardo

    She was married to Jordan Belfort in the year 1985. During her marital life, Jordan Belfort was infatuated with Nadine Caridi. Later, he married Nadine after getting separated from Denise. As of now, after getting a divorce from Nadine, Jordan is engaged to Anne Koppe, whom he met sometime in 2007, right after serving his jail sentence and release of his memoir “The Wolf of Wall Street”. 

    The reason for the divorce between Denise Lombardo and Jordan Belfort was extra-marital affairs with Nadine. Surprisingly, the marriage with Nadine ended because of domestic violence and substance abuse.

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    Where is Jordan Belfort’s Ex-wife Denise Lombardo Now?

     As far as we know, After Denise Lombardo’s divorce, Denise tried her luck again at marriage. She had tied her nuptial knot, this time with Mlady after getting separated from Jordan. She is still based in Washington State with her husband, where she works.

    What is the Net Worth of Denise Lombardo

    The financial sites estimate that Denise Lombardo’s net worth to be quite high. She has accumulated an astounding net worth of $3 million from her business.

    What is Denise Lombardo Doing Now?

    She got employed by the Home Depot Company as a specialist in flooring. Upon performing well, she has now become the Prudential Douglass Elliman Company’s licensed realtor. Her current employment status has not changed ever since.

    Denise Lombardo never gave up on herself. As a result, she continued to work hard to make her way out of her heartbreaks. Her turbulent life has not debarred her from living a healthy and happy life with a new start.

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