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Jordan Belfort Son of Carter Belfort Biography: Net Worth, Affairs

    Carter Belfort Biography

    Who is Carter Belfort?

    Carter Belfort is the son of Jorden Belfort, the founder of Global Motivation Inc. From writing “The Wolf of Wall Street,” which is also featured in a movie with the same name, to an illustrious career as a stockbroker, Jorden has been in the headlines for several reasons. His son, Carter Belfort, works as a Vice-president for Brand Development at his father’s company. Before taking charge of the designation, he has been in several other positions in the same company. Belfort is also linked with Straight Line Solutions – one of the divisions of the businesses owned by his father.

    Jorden Belfort Son’s Carter Belfort Bio – Quick Facts

    Real Name Carter Jordan
    Nickname Carter James
    Date of Birth August 15, 1996
    Birth Place New York
    Gender Male
    Age 25 Year Old

    Carter Belfort Family

    Father Name Jordan Belfort
    Mother Name Nadine Caridi
    Grandparent Leah Belfort, Max Belfort
    Siblings Chandler Belfort
    Uncle Robert Belfort

    Personal Life

    Net Worth $100 million
    Nationality American
    Horoscope Leo
    Marital Status Single
    Profession Marketing Specialist and Strategic Manager


    High School Diploma Vistamar School
    Bachelor Degree in Arts, Entertainment and Media Los Angeles Film School 

    Carter Belfort Childhood & Education

    On August 15, 1995, Carter Belfort was born in New York and spent his childhood in New York with his elder sister. Jorden Belfort Son Carter Belfort joined Vistamar School in 2010 for his High School Diploma and graduated in 2014. After that, he joined Muhlenberg College in the same year but left it out in the following year to study arts at a film school in Los Angeles.

    He enrolled for a Bachelor’s Degree course in Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management at Los Angeles Film School. He acquired the degree for the course in 2018.

    After that, he did four internships before helping his father with the latter’s business-related assignments. Besides his ROAR internships, he did a marketing stint as an intern at Elevator Studio in California.

    Carter Belfort Family

    Carter Belfort’s family consists of 3 family members: his father, mother, and elder sister. Speaking of his parent’s origins, Carter Belfort Father is an American author, motivational speaker, former stockbroker, and convicted felon. On the other hand, Carter Belfort Mother, Nadine Caridi, is of Italian, German, and British descent. Before tying his with Nadine Caridi, Jorden had married Denise Lombardo, who was his first wife. He started dating Nadine later on, which brought the marital relationship with his first wife to an end.

    Jordan married Nadine Caridi in 1991, but it also came to an end due to his heavy reliance on drugs, which led to domestic violence. He got joint custody of his children with his second wife after completing all the formalities for their divorce. Their marriage came to an end in 2005 with their official separation. Following two failed marital relationships, Jorden started dating Anne Koppe. He has been dating her since 2008.

    Carter Belfort Personal Life

    Carter is a reserved nature man, which contrasts with his parents’ nature, who’s had a scandalous life. Though he is 25 years old, he doesn’t seem to be in a relationship with any woman until now. Most media reports highlight this aspect of his personal life. People who know Jordan Belfort may find his son’s nature to be diagonally opposite, especially when they consider the former’s affairs with several women.

    Carter Belfort Sister

    Early Life

    Jordan Belfort, the father of Carter Belfort, has had a turbulent personal and professional career due to drug abuse, felony charges, and divorce scandal. However, despite his family background and problems, Carter has established himself in society by drawing out his father, mother, and elder sister’s positive personality traits. He attributes the growth and success in his life to the time spent with his father, which, according to him, had had a significant influence in shaping up his professional career.

    Carter Belfort Career

    Carter Belfort came under the public spotlight in 2015 when he signaled the desire to follow the road taken by his father to attain his career goals. In line with his father’s career choice, he also chose to carve out a career for himself in stockbroking.

    After completing his education and internships, he started lending a helping hand to his father in the latter’s venture, Global Motivation, Inc. A few months later, he acquired the position of a strategic marketing specialist in the company. After that, he eventually rose to the position of vice president for the company’s brand promotion.

    Affairs & Relationship

    Carter is focused on building up his career as a stockbroker. In this connection, he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps. However, in contrast to Carter Belfort’s affairs, he has chosen a different love relationship path. He is not into any relationship yet.

    Carter Belfort Net Worth

    Not much is known about Carter’s financial information as he is still at the initial stage of his career. His net worth is estimated at $100 Million, though. He has made this money from his occupation at Wall Street as a stockbroker. Besides his mettle at stockbroking, he is also popular among people as a motivational speaker and author. As of now, his finances add up to six-figure net worth, and he aims to hit the seven-figure mark soon.

    Carter Belfort Family

    Facts about Carter Belfort

    • Unlike his father, whose name relates to the divorce scandal and felonies at Wall Street, Carter Belford has managed to avoid controversies. 
    • He resides at his home in Los Angeles and runs a company by the name of Global Motivation, Inc. at Beverly Hills in the same city.
    • Besides his involvement with Global Motivation Inc., he is also an author and a motivational speaker. 
    • He relishes the prospect of motivating youngsters and encourages them to explore exciting career possibilities by overcoming all the hurdles.
    • Contrary to his father’s dedicated Wikipedia page, there is no Carter Belfort Wikipedia page on the Internet.
    • Strange as it may sound, “Carter Belfort Height” is one of the most searched queries on the Internet.

    Social Media Presence

    Unlike his father, Carter Belfort isn’t too social with his social media presence. As a result, one may not find an official Carter Belfort Instagram page or other social media accounts by running a search on popular search engines. The only social media platforms on which he is available are Facebook and LinkedIn

    Despite being the son of a famous personality, he maintains a private profile on the social media website named “Carter James.” He has his account on LinkedIn with his name, and Carter Belfort Biography on the account describes his professional details.

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