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Katherine Norland age, Net Worth, Height, Family, Dhar mann cast, movies & tv shows

    Katherine Norland age, Net Worth, Height, Family, Dhar mann cast, movies & tv shows

    Katherine Norland is an American famous actress, great poet, coach, producer, director and filmmaker. She is well-known for her parts in a number of films, including Memory Lane, The Pendant, FREE to a Good Home, The Pendant: Richard Speck, and Malcolm in the Middle. Her most popular show is Dhaar Mann. Katherine Norland was the first actress to be featured in 100 episodes of the Dhar Man show.

    Name Katherine Norland
    Age 49
    Gender Female
    Date of birth 22 October 1973
    Occupation Actor, writer, and producer
    Height 5 ft 6 inch

    The early life of Katherine Norland

    Katherine Norland was born and studied early in the city of Saint Peters, Minnesota, USA raised by Christian parents. She relocated to Los Angeles in 2000 to further her acting career. While managing her acting career, she is also a great writer, she has written 3 books so far.

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    Additionally, she is carrying out her responsibility as a mother of a kid at the same time. And at the same time, she is performing the duty of being a mother to a special child as well as a toddler. Because Kathrine keeps her personal information private, there is no precise information available about her. It’s thought that his father worked in construction and her mother was a tailor.


    Matriculation 1991
    Bachelor’s degree in performing arts 1995
    Jobs NA

    Kathrine’s interest in acting arose during high school. For this he has done various activities like dancing, writing and singing during four years of her college. She used to perform in all the theatre places at her college. Her teacher encouraged him to pursue a career in acting.

    Roles and movies

    Katherine Norland

    Instagram Pic

    Katharine started her acting career with the comedy short film named ” you” Do” in 2000. His second drama, “Black Hole,” was released in 2002. He got a lot of praise for his thriller short film “On the Fringe” in 2006. His 2007 release, “Chicago Massacre Richard Speck,” was highly appreciated by the public.

    Year Category Role name Drama name
    2007 Thriller drama Maria Smuggler’s Ransom
    2008 Short drama NA “Lou”
    2009 Romantic comedy NA Office games
    2009 Horror thriller NA “Mobius”
    2013 Thriller drama Rebbecca James What Remains

    She appeared in the drama “Girl finds out she’s adopted,” the short western “THE SINS,” the 2022 thriller drama “Dangerous words from the Fearless,” and other films.

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    Television series

    Katherine made her debut on television in the comedy “Karaoke Nights” pilot episode from 2001, and in the critically acclaimed family comedy “Malcolm in the Middle” episode “Mrs Tri-County” from 2005, she played Pageant Worker.

    The series, which aired from 2000 to 2006 and won 53 awards, including seven Primetime Emmys, while being nominated for 118 other awards, was created by Linwood Boomer, starred Frankie Muniz, Bryan Cranston, and Justin Berfield, and followed the lives of a talented teenager and his dysfunctional family.

    In 2014’s documentary comedy “Sex Sent Me to the ER,” Katherine’s next role was in the “Man in Steel” episode. Following that, Katherine was asked to appear in one or two episodes of a variety of different series, including the comedy “Lottopalooza,” the drama “Whitey,” and the real drama “Demons in the City of Angels.”


    Katherine Norland

    Instagram Image

    American actress Katharine is married to Robert Norland, her husband works as a photography director. This couple has 2 children. The elder son is 12 years old and the younger daughter Elijah is 2 years old. Katherine Norland kid’s names are Timothy And Elijah Norland.

    The net worth of Katherine Norland

    The earnings of these actresses are increasing day by day. she has earned a lot of money on the basis of his acting profession.

    And at the same time, she is earning good money from her other professions like filmmaking, writing and directing. It is being said by sources that Katharine Norland’s net worth is $ 1.6 million.

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    Awards and Nomination :

    2022 Golden Reel international film festival Best Actress Winner The bridge project chapter -1
    2021 IndieFest film festival awards Lead actress Winner The light dares to dessert me (2021)
    2021 Las Vegas black film festival 1 ) Best Actress

    2) Best Actress



    The light dares to dessert me (2021)

    In the short film.

    Katherine Norland YouTube Channel:

    On July 10, 2006, Katherine started her own YouTube channel, which has already attracted more than 14,800 subscribers and received close to 500,000 views of all of her videos put together. We’ll list three of Katherine’s most well-liked videos, which have helped her garner a lot of subscribers. She primarily uploads motivational videos and describes herself as an “encouragement coach.” Also, 123k people follow Katherine Norland on Instagram.

    As an author :

    Apart from being a good actress, director and filmmaker, Katharine Norland is also a wonderful writer. Her 3 books have been published so far

    1) “Poetic Prescription for eternal youth.”,

    2) Poetic Prescription for Playing Problems: “Biblical Remedies for when life bites.”

    3) ” Poetic Prescription for pesky problems.”

    Is Katherine Norland heterochromia?

    Whenever you see Katharine Norland, you will definitely notice one thing. and those are her eyes. Whose colour is quite different and unique. His right eye colour is blue and his left eye colour is hazel. In medical parlance, this condition is called heterochromia which has happened in the eyes of this actress.

    Conclusion :

    So this is the information related to the life and career of American famous actress Katharine Norland. Through this article, we have tried to cover almost all the information related to the life of these famous actresses. I sincerely hope that you would have liked this article very much.

    FAQs :

    Katherine Norland has written how many books?

    There are now 3 books by Katharine Norland.

    • “Poetic Prescription for eternal youth.”
    • Poetic Prescription for Playing Problems: ” Biblical Remedies for when life bites.”
    • ” Poetic Prescription for pesky problems.”

    What is Katherine Norland’s educational background?

    Katherine has done their early education in their home town. She passed her Matriculation in 1991 and after that, she did a bachelor’s in performing arts in 1995.

    How Tall is Katherine Norland?

    5 Feet 6 Inches

    What is the Net Worth of Katherine Norland?

    Her approximate Net Worth is 1.6 Million as of 2023.

    How Old is Katherine Norland?

    She is 49yrs old as of 2023.

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