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Bernie Taupin Net Worth, Age, Wife, Wife Age, Songs, House!

    Bernie Taupin

    An amazing songwriter, poet, and singer, Bernie Taupin is one highly acclaimed music personality on IMDB. Known for his heart-touching lyrics, Taupin has established himself as one of the best lyricists ever. A member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame, Bernie has delivered some of the best pop music to the world. He has participated in several musical events and has even been seen on some TV shows as well. 

    But who is exactly Bernie Taupin? What is his net worth? And why is he so famous? Let’s explore!

    Who Is Bernie Taupin?

    Bernie Taupin Net Worth

    Bernie Taupin, born to Daphne and Robert Taupin, is a British songwriter and singer. He enjoys writing poetry in his free time and spends most of his time writing songs. Taupin was born to an ordinary working-class family and is a school dropout. He has been more creative than intelligent throughout his academic life which is why he chose to follow his passion and forego studying. Bernie started his career as a lyricist when he was merely 17 and ever since he has been one brilliant songwriter and singer. He is also the author of multiple poem collection novels.

    Real Name Bernard John Taupin
    Birth Date May 22, 1950
    Birth Place Sleaford, Lincolnshire
    Birth Town Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England
    School Not Known
    Age (As of 2023) 72
    College Not Known
    Nationality British
    Height 5 feet 5 inches (approx)
    Weight 68 kg.
    Complexion Fair
    Sun Sign Gemini
    Relationship Status Married

    Bernie Taupin Net Worth

    Bernie started with nothing to his name, his family didn’t have much either. At 15, when he left school and started picking on random jobs, his parents were highly concerned. But then, Bernie picked up an advertisement in a local paper and decided to give songwriting a try. Ever since he has been writing songs, singing some, crafting poetry and making a fortune for himself. As of 2023, Bernie’s net worth is 200 million dollars. It is expected to flourish more since Taupin is nowhere close to retirement.

    Net Worth (2021) $180-190 million
    Net Worth (2023) $200 million
    Net Worth Expected (2024) $200-220 million

    Bernie Taupin Career

    Bernie Taupin

    In 1967 when Bernie was merely 17, he responded to a local advertisement that was for aspiring singers. He decided to give singing a try but didn’t have much luck with that. Instead, he was qualified for songwriting and his career in the music industry began. Similarly, Elton John wasn’t qualified for songwriting either. This is when the Elton/Taupin duo came together, and Elton started voicing Taupin’s lyrics. Ever since they have worked on more than 30 albums. 

    Taupin has worked with several other lyricists as well but this duo has been the most popular one in the entire music industry. As of 2023, Bernie has produced more than a hundred entertaining songs and has helped compose several hit albums as well.

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    Bernie Taupin Social Media Handles

    Taupin is one highly acclaimed celebrity; it doesn’t come off as a surprise that he is active on social media. Bernie has quite a stellar following on his Instagram handle. He has been posting regularly about his life and upcoming albums as well. He has spread his reach on other social media handles as well.

    Twitter ID @bernietaupin
    Instagram ID @bernietaupinofficial
    Instagram Followers 147K+
    Instagram Posts 700+

    Bernie Taupin Wife

    Bernie Taupin family

    Bernie Taupin has been at the center of attention for his married life as much as he has made headlines because of his talent. Taupin has been married four times and has three divorces behind him. His first marriage was to Maxine Feibelman in the year 1971 which lasted for five years. He then married actress Toni Russo in 1979 and divorced eleven years later. Bernie’s third marriage was to Stephanie Roven which lasted for five years before the couple split. Currently, Taupin is married to Heather Kidd and shares two daughters, Charley Indiana and Georgey Devon with her.

    Mother Daphne Taupin
    Father Robert Taupin
    Siblings 2
    Elder Brother Tony Taupin
    Younger Brother Kit Taupin
    Sister 0
    Wife (Current) Heather Kidd
    Kids 2

    Bernie Taupin As An Author

    Taupin has had a noteworthy life; it is only fair that he shares his inspirational stories with his fans. In the late 1970s, Bernie wrote and published his autobiography, highlighting the struggles he went through as a child and later on as a flourishing musician. His autobiography entitled A Cradle of Haloes: Sketches of a Childhood has been as much welcomed as his songs. Taupin has also compiled several of his poems into books and had them published to reach out to the world as a poet.

    Two Rooms Documentary

    Both, Elton John and Bernie Taupin, started their career together. They have worked together for more than four decades now and their friendship has become one of the most celebrated ones. Two Rooms is a documentary centered around John and Taupin’s remarkable relationship. It consists of the inner working of this duo, how John voices the songs and Taupin writes them. This 1991 documentary has been appreciated globally.

    The Rocketman Film

    The Rocketman Film

    In 2019, a movie centred around the relationship between Elton and Bernie was released to highlight their contribution towards the music industry. The Rocketman contains a brilliantly crafted song written by Bernie and sung by Elton. This film and the song have won as many hearts as awards. It has even been awarded as the best original song. Truly, the friendship between this duo is commendable.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who Is Bernie Taupin

    Bernie Taupin is a British lyricist and poet.

    How Old Is Bernie Taupin?

    As of 2023, Bernie Taupin is 72 years old.

    What Is Bernie Taupin’s Net Worth?

    Taupin’s net worth is 200 million dollars as of 2023.

    Is Bernie Taupin Married?

    Yes, Bernie Taupin is married to Heather Kidd as of 2023.

    How Many Times Did Bernie Taupin Marry?

    Taupin has married four times and divorced three times.

    Is Bernie Taupin Active On Social Media?

    Yes, Taupin is active on social media.

    What Is Bernie Taupin’s Height?

    Taupin is of 5 feet 5 inches approximately.

    Does Bernie Taupin Have His Biography?

    Yes, Bernie has written his biography.

    How Many Kids Does Bernie Taupin Have?

    Bernie has two kids as of 2023.

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