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Daneliya Tuleshova AGT Contestant: Biography, Age, Height, Family

    Daneliya Tuleshova AGT Contestant

    Who is Daneliya Tuleshova?

    Daneliya Tuleshova, America’s got talent contestant, is a childhood singing superstar representing Kazakhstan with pride. In Daneliya Tuleshova’s bio, we will talk about how she has appeared in two singing competitions. She won the kids’ Ukraine with her coach Monatik in the fourth season. Daneliya Tuleshova, the Musical Artist. She finally came in the Children’s New Wave 2015. She even went to America’s Got Talent in 2020 and became a finalist. Daneliya Tuleshova was also a representative for Kazakhstan in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018, where she finished sixth. She has made her country proud by achieving a lot of height and fame in just 14 years.

    She has a cult following of teenagers and even young adults who praise her dedication and voice. People even look up to Daneliya Tuleshova because she is known for keeping her drive to achieve all the time. She has inspired many young singers from Russia, Europe, and even America, who praise her emotions when she sings often.

    Daneliya Tuleshova Bio/ Wiki – Quick Facts

    Real Name Daneliya Tuleshova
    Profession Singer
    Famous as Kazakh child Singer
    Daneliya Tuleshova Personal Life
    Date of Birth 18 July 2006
    Birth Place Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
    Age (as 2020) 14 Year Old
    Gender Female
    Nationality Kazakh/Kazakhstani
    Religion Islamic
    Ethnicity Russian
    Physical Stats
    Height 4 Feet and 11 Inches (As 2020)
    Weight 40 Kg
    Eye Color Black
    Hair Color Brown
    Face Color Fair
    Family Life
    Father Name Alexander Tuleshova
    Mother Name Elena
    Siblings 2 Younger Siblings
    Social Media
    YouTube Subscriber 642K (@Daneliya Tuleshova)
    Instagram Followers 547K (@tuleshova_daneliya)
    Facebook Page Followers 89K (@DaneliyaOfficial)
    Genre Pop
    Albums Junior Eurovision Song Contest Minsk 2018
    Record Labels Universal Music Group
    Universal Music A/S
    Net Worth $50 Thousand
    Class Grade 9
    School Name Lyceum 56
    Marital Status
    Marital Status Unmarried
    Sexual Orientation Straight

    Personal Life

    Daneliya was born (18 July 2006) in the capital of Kazakhstan, the year 2006. She lived in Astana with Daneliya Tuleshova parents, Elena Tuleshova and Alexander Tuleshov. She got two younger siblings, but then she loved gymnastics. Daneliya Tuleshova is a pop singer and loved gymnastics when she was a child but started ballroom dancing while recovering from an injury at 4.

    Daneliya Tuleshova took both dance and singing classes but soon began acting classes as well. She went to the school Lyceum 56, where mathematics became her favorite subject. She enjoyed everything that she learned and excelled at her passions with sheer will power.

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    Childhood & Education

    Daneliya was very interested in learning how to sing and dance when she was a little child. Mathematics remained her favorite subject when Daneliya Tuleshova’s education completed elementary school as well. She was very hard working even as a child, and when she got injured while doing gymnastics, she decided to learn ballroom dancing instead of sitting entirely at home. She often refers to her hometown as the city of Almaty. Even though her official name was changed to Nur-Sultan, she was hard-working even when growing up and maintained her routine at the same time.

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    Daneliya Tuleshova AGT Performance

    Daneliya released a music project under Da NeL, and she announced it in February 2020 on a Kazakh TV channel. She then interviewed for America’s Got Talent and reached the semi-finals by the public voting procedure. She did not advance after the top 5 and ended her journey by singing Alive by Sia.

    Daneliya Tuleshova AGT Performance

    Source: Instagram

    The judges praised her performance, and they even recognized that they would crown her the winner if they possibly could. She also sang some memorable songs written by Harry Styles and Jessie J throughout her journey and perfection.

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    Daneliya Tuleshova AGT Finalist

    Daneliya Tuleshova went to America’s got talent 2020, and she made it to the semi-finals. She gave a mind-blowing performance on the AGT stage, and Daneliya Tuleshova songs melted people’s hearts with some top-rated songs sang from the heart. She was extremely grateful for her success on the stage and acknowledged the same. Daneliya never thought that this dream of her would ever be possible when she climbed on the scene. She considers Beyonce as her inspiration and wants to be as big as her someday. She is doing the best she can.

    Story of Daneliya Tuleshova

    Daneliya Tuleshova is a very dedicated performer, and she is very young, considering her age is just 14. She still loves competing in singing competitions worldwide, which has brought her a cult following and immense success to her doorstep. Since the age of 10, she has started her singing and has achieved tremendous success in a short time by sheer dedication to the craft of singing. She started singing because of an injury but carried that skill and polished it because she fell in love with Beyonce. She considers Beyonce to be her first inspiration.

    Daneliya Tuleshova Family

    Daneliya is living with her parents, a brother, and a sister. She also has a dong, two cats, and a fish. She loves her pets and often seen playing with them on her social media stories. Daneliya posts videos with them sometimes, even though not many people know about her personal life. She enjoys reading, pancake cooking, playing games, and watching American television shows such as America’s Got Talent. She is an exciting child and is very brilliant and smart. Her academic life is also perfect.

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    Daneliya Tuleshova Career

    So far, Daneliya Tuleshova has built a very successful career for herself by appearing in numerous singing competitions. Daneliya was only eight when she went to the Children’s New Wave, an annual reality contest held in Russia. Daneliya came on top by winning the Audience Award. In January of 2017, a competition named Hopes of Europe was held where Daneliya participated. She later auditioned for The Voice Ukraine as well in the same year for season 4. Daneliya Tuleshova won ‘The Voice Ukraine Season 4′ by performing ‘Ne Tvoya Viyna.’

    Social Media Preference

    Daneliya Tuleshova has social media accounts on Twitter (@RealDaneliya) and Daneliya Tuleshova Instagram (@Tuleshova_Daneliya). She is pretty active in social media accounts on the two platforms, and she posts pictures of photoshoots and tweets regarding her concerts.

    Every info, including her thoughts on life, is uploaded in the form of captions. She also has a massive fan following on both the social media accounts. Daneliya informs her fans about anything new regarding her performances, and the fans respect her privacy. She is still just 14, and she is not too active on social media as other adult celebrities.

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    Daneliya Tuleshova Wikipedia has a lot of information regarding her and her achievements as well. You can go to the Wikipedia page and check some of the information posted there if you want to know more about Daneliya Tuleshova’s height, age.

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