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Home » Biography » Deborah R Nelson Mathers: Eminem’s Mother Facts, Bio, Family

Deborah R Nelson Mathers: Eminem’s Mother Facts, Bio, Family

    Deborah R Nelson Mathers: Eminem’s Mother Facts, Bio, Family, Death

    Who is Deborah R Nelson Mathers?

    Deborah R Nelson Mathers, more eminently recognized as the rapper Marshall Mathers, i.e., Eminem’s mother Deborah R. Nelson-Mathers. Besides being his mother, she is an ex-American singer, rapper, and author who had been a big hit in the music industry in her times.

    Deborah studied at Lancaster High School, where she met her first husband, Marshall Bruce II. They started dating as well. There was a difference of 7 years in Bruce Mathers and Deborah. Eminem’s birth father, Marshal Bruce, has died. Through his songs, it’s quite evident that he hadn’t met his father personally. 

    Deborah R Nelson Mathers Wiki Bio – Quick Facts

    Real Name Deborah R Nelson Mathers
    Nick Name Debbie 
    Date of Birth January 6, 1955
    Birth Place St. Joseph, Missouri, United States
    Gender Female
    Age 65 Year Old
    Height 5 feet 4 inch
    Hair color Blonde
    Eye Color Hazel

    Family Life

    Father Name Bob Nelson
    Mother Name Betty Hixson
    Children Nathan Samra-Mathers, Eminem
    Siblings Ronnie Polkinghorn, Todd Nelson, Betty Renee, Steven Nelson
    Grandchildren Alaina Marie Mathers, Hailie Jade, Whitney Scott Mathers
    First Husband Marshall Bruce II

    Personal Life

    Nationality American
    Books My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem
    Horoscope Capricorn
    Education Lancaster High School
    Profession American Author and Singer
    Famous As Eminem’s Mother

    Childhood and Family

    Initiating the Deborah R Nelson Mathers bio, lets’ delve in a little into her childhood. Deborah is of American nationality and has white ethnicity. She was welcomed on this planet by her parents Mr. Bob Nelson and Mrs. Betty Kresin, on the 6th of January in 1955, which means Deborah R Nelson Mathers’s age is 65 years old in 2020.

    Deborah’s childhood was heart-wrenching and depressing for her, where at every step, she had to face some or the other thing. When she was only 7, her parents got separated, right after which her mother decided to marry again with her step-dad. Under her step dad’s care, the conditions started getting worse. He tortured her, due to which she attempted suicide quite a few times. Debora had four other siblings, out of which two has committed suicide.

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    Deborah R Nelson Mathers Affairs & Marriage Life

    The majority of a child’s life is shaped by the parents and the environment he or she had been living in. Not having seen a successful relationship between her parents, somewhere it impacted her personal life. Deborah, Eminem’s mother, had been there in 4 marriage relationships one after another.

    She got married to Marshall Bruce Mathers, where she was only 15. She also had a son with Marshall, who has already marked a legendary presence in the music industry as a rapper, Eminem. Sadly, Eminem, similar to her mother, never got someone to look up to as his father; yes, according to the Deborah R Nelson Mathers bio, his father Bruce left Eminem’s mom and him when he was only a year and six months old.

    This separation made her psychologically ill, and also she faced a lot of financial difficulties due to which she had to take on many less-paying jobs to hold up herself and her child Eminem. She also had to move from Kansas to Detroit and vice-versa to earn a better living.

    After that, she started her married life with Berger Olsen Gres, which didn’t work well due to Deborah’s psychologically disturbed condition. After that, Deborah tied a knot with Fred Samara, with whom she gave birth to Nathan, Eminem’s siblings. Once again, she got divorced due to his husbands’ abusive behavior and got into a few more affairs to continue. However, now she is married to John Briggs.

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    Popularity through Her Son

    Whether call it being selfish or not, Deborah’s acts reveal everything in front of the people. In 2000, when Eminem’s popularity graph was tremendously rising, his mother always wanted to get some of it. Eminem never had a good relationship with her mother in the past, as known through his songs. It was the high time when she released three songs depicting her story of life through a CD. Not stopping there, she further released her autobiography as well in 2008.

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    Facts about Deborah R. Nelson Mathers

    • By September 2008, the fact revealed that her autobiography made a great profit by selling more than 1,00,00 copies of her book in the United Kingdom.
    • According to a contract, she was sued by some guy named Nelson for not sharing the percentage of profit from her biography.
    • Debbie was just released one week before the release of the book in the United States. 
    • She survived through breast cancer.
    • Deborah is not active on the social platforms at all.
    • She carries friendly relations with her children.

    Deborah R Nelson Mathers Death

    Some news channels claimed that she was dead, but she lives a good life and has six grandchildren. From Eminem, she has three sweet granddaughters named Whitney, Hailie Jade Mathers, and Alaina. Nathen also has three children one daughter, Audrianna Melkonian, and two boys named Carter and Liam.

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    Deborah R Nelson Mathers Net Worth

    In her early life, she did face a lot of financial problems, but as of 2020, Deborah’s net worth, for now, is expected to be more than 3 Million US dollars. She gained good money after her autobiography came into the market.

    Lawsuit against Eminem

    As Deborah used to be offensive towards Marshal (Eminem) and his sibling, he started taking the worst words for his mother against her behavior while they were a child. Thereby, Deborah, (Eminem) Marshall Mather’s mother, filed a lawsuit of 10 million dollars against him for insulting her.

    Eminem continued to slander her name in his songs, which made his mother go through a lot of humiliation, stress, anxiety, etc. Although, after a few hearings, she wanted to stop, his lawyer didn’t. At last, the case ended up making her a profit of mere 1600 dollars from this case.

    Mental illness

    She could not maintain a marriage relationship because of her psychological problem. She is suffering from Munchausen Syndrome, which developed due to her obnoxious behavior towards both her sons.

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    Where is Deborah R. Nelson-Mathers?

    Never looking back on her appalling life, she always tried to make her present better. She now owns a taxi service business in St. Joseph. Also, his song has forgiven her for her mistakes.

    Did Eminem forgive his mom?

    When he got to know that her mother is a breast cancer patient, he calmed himself down and apologized to her, which is reflected in his later released songs. As of now, Eminem is a good son and take care of Deborah. On mother’s day, he made a song public in which he feels sorry to her mother, saying I’m sorry, I was angry at the moment.

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