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Ellie Louise (YouTube Star) Biography: Age, Height, Facts, Family

    Ellie Louise: Bio, Age, Height, Facts, Family, Net Worth

    Who is Ellie Louise?

    Ellie Louise, a British Youtuber, is known to create fashion, fitness, beauty content on her self-made YouTube Channel. She is most eminently known as Ellie the Unicorn as well. Besides being famous for her beauty and fashion blogs, she is also a gymnast, and her confidence reflects in her graceful moves. She also holds a slot for Friday on another YouTube Channel named Seven Perfect Angles, previous to which she was a part of Seven Funtastic Girls since 2014. 

    The girl Ellie Louise has no fear of shoots as she is doing this since her childhood.  From the day she has started from nothing on social media, she has covered the journey of becoming a famous online posture. Today, every YouTube Subscriber of hers is a fan of her gymnast moves and cute looks.

    Ellie Louise’s height measures around approx 5 feet and 3 inches (160 cm). Her weight is around 99 pounds, which is equivalent to 45 Kg.

    Ellie Louise YouTuber Biography – Quick Facts

    Real Name Ellie Louise
    Date of Birth September 20, 2001
    Birth Place Hertfordshire, England
    Gender Female
    Age 19 Year Old
    Height 5’3″ (160 cm)
    Weigh 45KG (99 Pounds)

    Family Life

    Father Name Update Soon
    Mother Name Carla
    Siblings Sophie

    Personal Life

    Nationality British
    Horoscope Virgo
    Profession British YouTuber
    YouTube Subscriber  451K

    Before Fame

    As per the information collected from Ellie Louise Biography, she started practicing gymnastics when she was only four and has not looked back ever since. Previously before gaining popularity from her own YouTube channel, she started working with Seven Funtastic Girls in October 2014.

    Personal Life and Family

    Ellie Louise Wikipedia gets you all information about her personal life. She was born in 2001 on the 20th of September, so, as of now, Ellie Louise’s age is19 years. She got a beautiful set of eyes of Hazel color. However, there is not much information about Ellie Louise’s parents on the internet, but her mother’s name is Carla, and she has Sophie as her elder sister. Above and beyond, she has four step-siblings; one is a sister named Erin, and three are brothers.

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    Ellie Louise Net Worth

    At a very young age, Ellie has a net worth more or equal to other famous divas. Her net value is expected to be around 80000 Dollars. The primary source of her income is her TikTok accounts and collaborations with other YouTube channels.


    Ellie started building her career from an early age, but she rose to fame when she associated herself with Jaidyn Lynz on Seven Perfect Angles. Later on, she started having a Sunday slot on Seven Super Girls. We couldn’t find any clear information about her education. All we know is that all her education took place in the United Kingdom. She is also part of a British Shopping and fashion website named 21 buttons, where she keeps posting her snapshots and looks. One can easily find Ellie Louise’s clothing style there.

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    Ellie Louise YouTube Star

    She marked her presence on YouTube very early as well. She was 12 when she cleared her audition to be a part of SAKs channels with her gymnastic skills. Later, she appeared on a YouTube channel, Seven Funtastic Girls, where many videos feature her life-like “Ellie’s Missing Mermaid Powers” and “The day Ellie Became a Gymnast.” She gained more prominence daily and helped her become a part of multiple YouTube channels, including Seven Super Girls, Seven Perfect Angels, and Seven Twinkling Tweens. All of these are Collab Channels. 

    Ellie Louise: Gymnastics

    Ellie Louise Biography depicts her image as an active, artistic, and confident child. Like every other parent, her parents hold a significant role in shaping her up and making what she is today. They made her learn gymnastics at a very young age, and she magically bore her out as a naturally skilled kido in sports, and hence it didn’t take very long to be perfect at her moves. Even now also, she posts about gymnastics on her YouTube channel. Some of her videos from that section are “How to do the Splits,” “Gymnastics Truth or Dare,” and “How Ellie Became a Living Doll,” Ellie Louise Morning Routine, etc.

    Affairs & Relationship

    The girl has kept her love life and affairs very personal to be accurate and wishes to keep her matters away from public life, so there is no information available anywhere about whom she is dating or seeing someone. No one knows even about Ellie Louise Boyfriends and affair from the past. But since she is just nineteen years old, there is a lot of time left for her for relationships and boyfriends.

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    Ellie Louise Social Media Presence

    She is immensely active over her YouTube channel, where she has over 451K subscribers. Ellie Louise Instagram handles also have more than 205K followers, where she shares information and pictures about her life and sometimes minor sneak-peak of her new collaborations.

    It should be appropriate to say that she gained popularity via a lip-syncing app, known as TikTok. Ellie Louise TikTok has a crazy fan family of 1800 million, which I mean, of course, is the reason why she is known as one of the famous TikTok in the United Kingdom.

    Here we are ending Ellie Louise Biography with some frequently asked questions about her.

    How old is Ellie Louise?

    • Ellie took birth in 2001, which means currently in the year 2020, she has completed 19 years of her life. She has also recently celebrated her birthday and shared some snapshots of the same. 

    How much does Ellie Louise make?

    • Ellie Louise makes around eight hundred thousand dollars. She primarily earns from her YouTube videos and social media engagements. Her other sources of income include her clothing website and collaborations. The amount is pretty decent and might not seem much, but as her age will increase, her career and revenue will increase.

    How many subscribers does Ellie Louise have?

    • She has 451K subscribers on her self-made YouTube channel, where on Instagram account, around 250K people follow her. 

    Does Ellie Louise have a sister?

    • Yes, Ellie has a real elder sister named Sophie. Her parents got separated when she was young, and she had a step-mother from whom she has a Step-sister named Erin. She lived in a joint family along with her siblings and Step-siblings.
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