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How Did Mr. Krabs Die? Death of SpongeBob Character Explored

    How Did Mr Krabs Die

    How Did Mr Krabs Die? Death of  SpongeBob Character Explored!

    A mysterious death is always the most intriguing topic, isn’t it? And when a character from our favourite series drops dead all of a sudden, we all constantly think about it. Mr Krabs or Eugene is one of the most popular SpongeBob characters, despite being an antagonist. A man with a devilish smirk, Mr Krabs is a man of multiple dimensions.

    Since he wasn’t a very loved man, his death doesn’t come off as a surprise. An antagonist who tortured people for fun isn’t very celebrated. But if he was such a resourceful man, how did he die? Did he commit suicide, or was Mr Krabs killed by someone mightier than him?

    How Did Mr Krabs Die?

    There are many theories and speculations going on regarding Mr Krabs’ death. One such theory suggests that he was ambushed by a truck in the SpongeBob movie. He had his face smashed, and limbs were broken and died out of excessive bleeding. Mr Krabs would have suffered greatly if he had died in a truck accident.

    Another theory suggests that Eugene was brutally murdered by Plankton, his business competitor and bloodthirsty rival. Even though Mr Krabs has a devilish personality, he knows how to run his business. This is why his rivalry against Plankton was fierce. If this theory is true, Mr Krabs died at Plankton’s hands when Plankton came to steal Krabby Patty from Mr Krabs.

    There is a popular theory that stresses Mr Krabs’ suicide. When Plankton steals Krabby Patty from him, he gets overwhelmed, drinks himself into oblivion, and commits suicide. We all know that Mr Krabs is a bit unhinged, which is why it doesn’t come off as a huge surprise if he killed himself.

    Since most of the theories involve plankton, it is assumed that Mr Krabs’ death is linked to plankton. One more theory suggests that Plankton poisoned him and left Eugene to suffer profound agony before his death. If this theory is found to be true, Plankton is the new boss of the Krusty Krab, and SpongeBob has to work under him.

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    Is Mr Krabs Alive?

    How Did Mr Krabs Die

    One really interesting theory that arises with Plankton being associated with Krabby Patty is that Mr Krabs is still alive. He is left breathing because Plankton has some ulterior motives and wants to use Eugene as a pawn. As much as this sounds shady, it can most certainly be true since Plankton has no regard for anything.

    Mr Krabs’ death is a mystery, which is why it is speculated that he did not die at all. If he were dead, we would have received a broad spectacle regarding it. Since the makers have whisked the topic away easily, it is rumoured that he is alive and will be soon seen on the screen.

    Who Is Mr Krabs?

    Eugene Harold Krabs is the main antagonist of Nickelodeon’s infamous SpongeBob Squarepants series. He is the owner of the Krusty Krab Restaurant and is deeply infatuated with money and power. Krabs has a record of taking decisions that benefit him, even if these decisions tend to get everyone else in trouble.

    He is a cunning businessman who cares only for himself and makes as much money as possible. Though he does have a few good traits, his evil always overpowers his goodness. Eugene knows only money, which is why he treats everyone like dirt, especially his employees. He enjoys feeling mighty by putting others down.

    Eugene is an arrogant entrepreneur who is downright cruel. He is a hypocrite who doesn’t care what lengths he has to go to in order to make his business succeed. In the initial years, he did support SpongeBob and helped him navigate through the murky waters. But Krabs’ atrocities always seem to win.

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    Mr Krabs’ Special Traits

    Krabs has an unhealthy obsession with money. It is because of this obsession that Krabs crosses every line to save a single dime. He doesn’t spend a single penny that isn’t absolutely necessary and has an insatiable appetite for money. It may be because Eugene comes from a very poor family and has endured deep hunger and poverty.

    Eugene has a razor-sharp brain and computer-like memory. He remembers the price of everything he spent money on. Krabs throws huge fits when he has to shed a single penny and goes berserk when he has to spend a bit more. He is greedy to the bone and evil to the soul.

    What Would Happen If Eugene Passed Away?

    Mr Krabs

    If Eugene died, SpongeBob would either be unemployed or become the boss of Krusty Krab.SpongeBob is the main protagonist of this Nickelodeon series and is a fluffy, cute man. He works for Krabs and seems very uninterested in doing so because of Krabs’ sadistic tendencies.

    If Eugene is dead and Plankton is the reason behind his death, SpongeBob’s life might turn from a bit uncomfortable to downright miserable. Plankton might take over Krusty Krab, and SpongeBob would have to endure his angry wrath. It is sure that SpongeBob wouldn’t want Krabs dead for this reason alone.

    But if Plankton isn’t the mastermind behind Eugene’s death, SpongeBob might inherit the restaurant. He would definitely run it better than Krabs ever did. At least he wouldn’t sell rotten patties because he wants to earn money and couldn’t let go of his unyielding greed.


    There have been several theories proposed regarding Mr Krabs’ death, and the majority, if not all, of them, are speculative. Since the makers have not completely specified his death, it becomes a tad bit difficult to say whether he is surely dead or not. But then, there’s no smoke without fire, right?

    If the entire audience of the SpongeBob Squarepants series is wondering about Mr Krabs’s death, there has to be a bit of reality behind these theories as well. Only we don’t know which theory is true and which isn’t. We might witness the reality of Eugene’s death and get to know whether he is alive or not soon, hopefully.

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