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Mair Mulroney Age, Biography, Husband, Height, Dhar mann Cast, Movies & More

    Mair Mulroney birth date

    Mary Alice Mulroney is an accomplished actor who has starred in many notable films and television shows. She was born in Washington, DC on June 7, 1989. Her parents’ names are Mary Patricia Denney and Thomas Joseph Mulroney. Mair was born under the sign of Gemini. Mair has won multiple film festival awards for Best Actress and has contributed vocals and music to various award-winning films and television programs, including the Emmy Award-winning “My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” She also holds independent record deals with Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group.

    Real Name Mair Mulroney
    Nick Name Mair
    Birth Place Washington, The United States
    Date Of Birth June 7, 1989 [Age (as of 2023) 34 Years]


    Net Worth $1 Millon
    Nationality American
    Profession Actress

    Mair Mulroney’s Career

    Mair Mulroney’s Career

    Her first video was a homage to Deveraux Diamond, which was followed by comedic skits and behind-the-scenes vlogs with her fellow Dhar Mann performers. Mair would also host replies to her parts in Dhar’s videos, where she was frequently typecast as a Karen, a bully, a gold digger, or a general antagonist. She was frequently cast as Katherine Norland‘s daughter.

    Mair would also upload videos of herself, Carlos Chavez, Chas Laughlin, and Vinn Sander, often previous takes where they would inadvertently harm each other, such as elbowing each other’s faces and pulling their hair, and would frequently joke about being in a “throuple” with Carlos and Chas, though this was obviously a joke.

    Musically, she has contributed vocals and songs to advertisements, award-winning films, and television shows such as “My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” which won an Emmy. Mair has cooperated and composed music in almost every musical genre. Mair’s successful album features “ThatGirl Did Daft EP – an experimental Daft Punk remix effort with musical counterpart Marc Solomon,” which is accessible worldwide on major streaming platforms including iTunes and Spotify.

    The voice of Mair Mulroney has been described as honest, humorous, extraordinarily melodic, and emotionally strong progressive pop. She is a vocalist and songwriter best known for performing in music videos for musicians such as Katy Perry. While still in high school, Mair inked a distribution arrangement with Warner Music Group.

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    Mair Mulroney Height

    How tall is mair

    Mary Mulroney’s height is about 5 Feet 8 Inches and her weight is 60 Kg approx. Her diverse and impressive list of credits includes roles in many famous films. Mary Alice Mulroney, often known as Mair Mulroney or ThatGirlMair, is an actor, musician, composer, and singer-songwriter. Mair is most recognized for her involvement in music videos for “Katy Perry” and “Missy Elliott.” She co-stars in the 2020 action film “Unchained” with Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts and Taya Valkyrie, the biggest star Knockout Champion in women’s wrestling.

    Mair Mulroney Husband

    Spouse Name Robbie Law
    Sons N/A
    Daughters N/A
    No Of Children N/A
    Marital Status Married

    Robbie Law, the famous actress and composer, is in a happy relationship with her. They started dating in early 2018 and are still in love. Mair and Robbie are open about their love lives and regularly appear on social media and in public. The happy pair seldom feels tempted to share their love life during specific interview sessions.

    Furthermore, the pair never forget to express their love for one another on major occasions such as Valentine’s Day and birthdays. The pair has been together for over seven years and is quite close. Despite the fact that the two have been dating for over a decade, they have yet to announce their intentions to marry or have children. They’ve been in a long-term devoted relationship. Mair does not have any children. The pair have been living together in Los Angeles, California, for the time being, with no reports of a breakup.

    Mair Mulroney in Films and on TV

    Mair Mulroney as an actress

    The international release of “Unchained,” a full-length action film in which Mair Mulroney stars with Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts and Taya Valkyrie, the longest-reigning Knockouts Champion in women’s wrestling, is one of the feature films and scripts that Mair Mulroney has in the works for 2020. Mair also composed the music for the film and wrote and sang the theme song. 2020 will also release a full-length musical album under the moniker k.i.s.s. with long-time partner Mr. Solo Music (keep it simple, stupid). They also want to re-release “Daft M3,” an updated, more compact take on their original Daft Punk remixes, under the same concept.

    “Sands Of Fate,” a Star Wars narrative, is also on the development schedule for 2021. It’s the second in a series of non-profit Star Wars films inspired by George Lucas’ original trilogy. Mair Mulroney, Steve Bloom, Chris Bartlett, Dan Bohman, and Nathan Bock have all agreed to join the cast.

    Mair Mulroney In Dhar Mann

    Mair Mulroney In Dhar Mann

    She is a prominent cast member of the enormously successful online Dhar Mann motivational story series, which has had over 4 billion views worldwide. She has also composed and performed vocals for advertisements, films, and television shows. In 2021, she became a part of Sands of Fate: A Star Wars Story. We’ll highlight her most memorable roles, discuss her creative process, and look at some of the challenges and triumphs she’s faced in her career. Whether you’re a fan of Mary Alice Mulroney or just want to know more about one of the most successful actors in the world, this post is for you.

    Mair Mulroney’s Instagram Handle

    Mair Mulroney is a well-known character on her social media platforms, particularly Instagram. She is well-known for publishing photographs and videos with inspirational messages. Mair often uploads music and video clips to her numerous social media platforms and shares them with her admirers. She also works as a commercial actor for well-known brands and corporations such as Apple, Purina, LG, Microsoft, and American Express, among many others, which she promotes on social media. Aside from Instagram, she has a large fan following on Twitter, where she appears to be quite active with her followers.

    Even though she has only been in the film industry for a few years, the actress has already made a name for herself. Mair also collaborated on the film’s theme lyric with Mr Solo Musik and the alias KISS.

    Bottom Line

    Mair Mulroney is a multi-talented actress, singer, and songwriter whose abilities and hard work have brought her to the top of the entertainment industry. We hope you liked learning about Mair Mulroney, and we wish her continued success.


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