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Savannah LaBrant (YouTube Star) Biography, Career, Net Worth

    Savannah LaBrant: Wiki Bio, Height, Age, Career, Affair, Net Worth

    Who is Savannah LaBrant?

    Among the Swathe of other content creators, Savannah LaBrant is another much-admired social media influencer, Photographer, and fashion blogger. She is from America, and besides being a star woman on social media life, she is also a professional photographer and a Businesswoman. 

    Staying natural at social media handles is what makes her fans love her. She is considered among the best vloggers the time. Not letting her gloomy past affect her future sunshine, she dealt with every other problem gracefully and emerged as an ever-loved influencer.

    Savannah LaBrant Bio/ Wiki – Quick Facts

    Real Name Savannah Rose Soutas
    Nick Name Savannah LaBrant
    Profession Social Media Influencer
    Fashion Blogger
    Personal Life
    Date of Birth 2 March 1993
    Birth Place Orange County, California
    Age (as 2020) 27 years
    Zodiac Sign Pisces
    Nationality American
    Religion Christianity
    HomeTown Orange County
    Physical Stats
    Body Measurement 32-24-32
    Height 5 Feet 2 Inches
    Weight 55 Kgs (121 lbs)
    Eye Color Blue
    Hair Color Blonde
    Shoe Size 6
    Family Life
    Father Name Everleigh
    Mother Name Deborah Soutas
    Siblings Chantelle
    Marriage Life & Relationship
    Material Status Married
    Spouse Cole LaBrant
    Children Everleigh Rose Smith Soutas
    Zealand Cole Labrant
    Posie Rayne LaBrant
    Social Media
    YouTube Subscriber 12.7M
    Instagram Followers 6.7M
    Books Cole & Sav: Our Surprising Love Story
    Net Worth $5.5 Million
    Favorite Things
    Favorite Food  Burger, Fries, Fruits and Salad
    Favorite Actor Eddie Redmayne
    Favorite Actress Keira Knightley
    Favorite Color Black
    Holiday Destination India, Span, Paris and Switzerland

    Body Measurements

    Savannah LaBrant height can be concluded to be decent, 5 feet 2 inches to be exact. She weighs around 121 lbs, i.e., 55 Kgs. She has natural straight and long blonde hair and a pair of mesmerizing blue colored eyes.

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    Savannah LaBrant Family

    Talking about Savannah LaBrant’s parents, then she was born to a Christian family. Unfortunately, she had no one like a father to admire while going through her childhood because her dad betrayed her mother. So, as per Savannah LaBrant Wikipedia, she has been raised by a single parent, i.e., her mother only. So it would be appropriate to say that Savannah was born to her mother, Deborah Soutas. However, she had one more particular person around her while growing up, and that was her elder sister, Chantelle.

    Savannah LaBrant Family

    Source: Instagram

    She got married to Cole LaBrant in the year 2017, and in the following year, in December, they welcomed their daughter on this beautiful planet and named her Pose Rayne. They also had a son with the name Zealand who took birth recently in July 2020. However, Savannah also has a daughter, Everleigh, from her previous relationship.

    Before Fame

    Since she was two, she loved to dance a lot. She also possessed an appreciable viewpoint of a photographer, which she clearly has chosen as her career line. Her determination and passion can be seen in her life as a blogger. As per Savannah LaBrant biography, she made the love of photography as a successful blogger on Instagram. Before her photography, she loved gymnastics and acrobatics. She is also very fond of swimming and skate.


    Savannah LaBrant biography says that she is very keen and dedicated to teaching and wants to become a teacher. But marrying at an early age of 17 – 18 to Cole LaBrant and giving birth to her beautiful daughter Everleigh Soutas, she needs to drop off from her university. A bit after some years, she is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in some university.

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    Savannah LaBrant Net Worth

    She is earning some severe amount of money online. Her YouTube Channel has 13 million subscribers and is gaining more subscriber thousands regularly. In addition to her channel, YouTube stars usually get paid three to six dollars per 1,000 monetized views after deducting YouTube share from the profit.

    She has earned a lot of revenue from her social media handles like Instagram and TikTok and her YouTube channel. Her brand promotion on Instagram and Facebook gives her an estimated worth of $550,000 US dollars.

    She roughly earns around $5.5 million per annum or $15,000 per day, with an average of two million views on her channel a day. It is also worth noting that Savannah LaBrant generates extra money via sponsored content of Sugar Bear Hair, Love with Food, 310 Nutrition, and plenty more. So, it is estimated that her net worth is around $12 million.

    Savannah LaBrant Career

    As information got from Savannah Labrant Wikipedia, she was born on March 2nd, 1993, to a Christian family. The fashion blogger and social media celebrity has started dancing her feet from the age of 2. Savannah LaBrant started her career after graduate school as a professional photographer. After that, she commenced her business website known as Little Red Rose Photography. As of 2016, Savannah LaBrant was named “Muser of the year” by posting a short video on Tik Tok, previously known as She also started her own first YouTube channel after getting a relationship with Cole Labrant, i.e., Cole&Sav.

    Savannah also has a website of her photography named Little red rose photography. She has also written a book depicting a documentary love story of hers and her husband. Moreover, Savannah and Cole LaBrant published a book together concerning their love story. The book also documents the lesson they have learned as a family and how a 19-year-old boy fell in love with a single mom from the country.

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    Personal Life

    Savannah Fashion blogger was born on the 2nd of March 1993 in the United States, to be particular in Orange Country, California. Savannah LaBrant’s age is presently 27 years old. The name she is popularly known among the people, i.e., Savannah LaBrant is her after marriage name, where her real birth name is Savannah Rose Soutas. She has a beautiful blue eye color, which perfectly suits her white skin tone and blonde hair.

    Savannah LaBrant Children

    Source: Instagram

    Affairs & Relationship

    Savannah fell in love with Tommy Smith during her school days in 2009 and got pregnant when she was only 19. Due to pregnancy, she had to bring her studies to an end. On the 14th December 2012, Tommy and Savannah welcomed a baby girl into their life named Everleigh Soutas.

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    Savannah LaBrant Marriage Life & Divorce

    Savannah LaBrant’s boyfriend, Tommy Smith, was cheating on her since her pregnancy. When Savannah got to know this, she decided to get separated from Tommy, with whom she had a six-year relationship. After Savannah LaBrant Divorce, she met Cole LaBrant through the internet, her Savannah LaBrant Husband. 

    Although, you may find in Savannah LaBrant biography that her ex-boyfriend Tommy Smith is still involved in his daughter’s life, Everleigh, and takes care of her. 

    Social Media Presence

    She marked her social media presence when she had halted her studies during pregnancy. Savannah LaBrant posts her daughter Everleigh’s videos on her channel, the LaBrant Fam, formerly famous as Cole &Sav.

    Savannah LaBrant has more than 12 million subscribers on the channel, making her one of the best social media influencers, which is just crazy. She has also launched her website to showcase her passion for photography, where she had followers’ trails.

    She is known for her social media star and fashion blogger across the world. Savannah LaBrant TikTok and the Instagram star have 15 million + followers, where more than 6 million + followers are from Instagram only. She is a famous YouTuber who has her family channel named ‘The family FAM.’

    Savannah has also endorsed various brands online like collacruell, Molar Dental club, and many more. She has topped the TikTok app with 7 million followers. Whenever she posts some of her pictures or videos, it goes viral in no time on Instagram and Facebook. She has a huge fan base amongst the online audience. Cole LaBrant is also a YouTuber, and along with him, she made a youtube channel of both names ‘Cole &Sav’.

    Here we have come to an end of Savannah LaBrant biography, lest quickly move to some question.

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    Q1. Who is Savannah LaBrant’s ex-husband?

    • Savannah LaBrant had some affairs with Tommy Smith before she married her husband, Cole LaBrant. Tommy Smith is a crucial part of her daughter Everleigh Soutas’s life as he is the biological father. 

    Q2. What does Savannah LaBrant do for a living?

    • Savannah LaBrant is a famous and professional fashion blogger and photographer, and social media influencer who portrays her family life on social media. She earns a lot by doing brand modeling and promotion on social media handles to make her living smooth and comfortable.

    Q3. Why is Savannah LaBrant famous?

    • Savannah LaBrant is famous for having a considerable number of followers on her Instagram and TikTok handle. She has gained popularity from her vines videos. She began her photography and blogging journey with Soutas surname until she married her husband Cole LaBrant, and attained his surname.

    Q4. Why did Savannah and Tommy break up?

    • Tommy Smith, Savannah LaBrant’s ex-husband, was betraying her since her pregnancy. Thus, they got separated due to cheat issues. Savannah LaBrant always mentioned that she is surviving in a toxic relationship with Tommy smith. She also complained that when Everleigh is in her womb, Smith has cheated on her with some other girl. She has all bear it for her daughter’s sake and happiness, but when it happened again when Everleigh was three years old, she took to breaking up with him and married Cole LaBrant.

    Q5. How is the LaBrant family so wealthy?

    • Her family is one of the famous YouTube creators, from which they generate money with ad revenue. Savannah LaBrant, Cole LaBrant, and Everleigh LaBrant are famous YouTuber and social media celebrities. Having 12 million + subscribers on YouTube is a great thing. They are also referred to as the star income performers of YouTube.
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