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Kat Timpf Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan, Workout, Before & After Weight Loss

    Kat Timpf Weight Loss Journey

    Kat grew up in the warm Southern California sun before relocating to Hawaii; she was constantly surfing, swimming, and staying active, but those things stopped following a sudden, devastating occurrence in her life. According to Kat, who told POPSUGAR, “I tried just about every sport, I spent my summers surfing, at YMCA kids’ sports camps, and participating in the Junior Lifeguards program.” “I played varsity volleyball for three years and ran varsity track for all four of my high school years.

    In the off-season, I played club volleyball. After that, I continued playing at Hawaii Pacific University. The main reason I enjoyed being an athlete was because of my parents.” Kat’s physical and emotional health deteriorated after her father died of cancer, and circumstances shifted. “In April 2014, my father received a cancer diagnosis; he passed away in June of that same year. I started to feel miserable and had no energy to accomplish anything. Unfortunately, it led to issues in several areas of my life, adding to my stress “She spoke.

    “My passion for life and exploration had vanished, and I had lost myself. My life didn’t begin to turn around in a more uplifting direction until a few months ago.” During a visit home, Kat stepped on the scale and was shocked to see that her weight, which had previously been 135 pounds, had suddenly increased to a staggering 180 pounds. She was aware that she needed to regain her health. Kat has lost 40 pounds since then. Here’s how she got there.

    Secrest behind Kat Timpf Weight Loss

    I resumed my good diet and exercise routines for two distinct reasons. One, I never had much faith in myself. It was difficult to live in Hawaii, surf, and always be in a bathing suit. I was never completely content with my body, and I frequently felt self-conscious wearing a bathing suit.

    Constantly feeling uneasy about something you wear every day is mentally taxing. Second, my boyfriend and I decided to get back on track together after seeing how much we had both lagged. We had been together for about a year at the time. Although it was a new environment for me, he enjoyed the gym. He is the source of all the knowledge I currently possess; before him, all I had ever done was play sports or go for runs.

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    PS: What kind of exercise do you prefer to do?

    KT: Lifting weights is my preferred form of exercise, but when I need a break from the gym, I enjoy going on hikes and taking long ocean swims. It’s healthy for your body to switch things up, and I’m always content to be in the ocean or out in nature.

    PS: How often do you work out each week?

    KT: I often exercise five to six times per week, or twice a week with one day off. Your muscles must have time to rest to recover. I prefer to perform full-body workouts for each workout, unlike some people who want to focus on different body regions on separate days. I like to alternate between several exercises and body parts because it keeps my body from becoming accustomed to just one body part performing the same movement repeatedly.

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    PS: How can you keep exercise fun?

    KT: Trying new things regularly is the simplest method for me to keep exercises interesting. Even though I am very knowledgeable in health and fitness, there are always new and interesting things to learn. I enjoy taking on new challenges.

    PS: Other than the weight, what was the first significant change that made you proud and enthusiastic?

    KT: Aside from the scale’s reading, what has made me prouder than anything is how others have noticed my changes. Hearing compliments such as “I can tell you’ve been working hard, I can see your changes, and I think you look terrific” is incredibly gratifying.

    PS: How do you keep tabs on your weight loss?

    KT: Now that I’ve reached my desired weight, I no longer strictly chart my progress; instead, I go by how I feel and the meals I choose. It’s acceptable to occasionally indulge in less-than-healthy foods, but I can feel and see the effects on my body. Since my current state is more concerned with maintaining my health and fitness than losing weight, I don’t place as much emphasis on the number. I am aware of what is healthy for my body and what is not, as well as how my decisions will impact me.

    PS: What are the average meals and snacks for a day?

    KT: I try to limit the amount of sugar and carbohydrates in my diet. I also try to avoid dairy, so I use alternatives like almond milk. In the morning, I typically have oatmeal or a green smoothie; throughout the day, I have a wide range of tiny snacks, such as yogurt, granola, cottage cheese, fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.; and for dinner, I occasionally have different greens and proteins. I make an effort to drink as much water as I can, but I’m still working on it.

    Since I have a pretty bad sugar craving, I do occasionally reward myself with ice cream or a Cinnabon. You should establish a healthy balance between treating yourself occasionally and indulging in unhealthy activities. Even though I generally make wise decisions, I don’t have to fully deprive myself of life’s small, pleasant joys.

    PS: What is the range of daily calories you consume?

    KT: I’ve never really kept track of my caloric intake; while it may be beneficial for some, I believe that making wise decisions is the key. When I originally tried to lose weight, I did follow a low-calorie diet and drink a lot of water while doing the barest minimum of activity for about two months. I lost weight very quickly and gradually increased my food intake and enhanced my workouts. In retrospect, I probably wouldn’t advise doing it that way because your body requires far more nutrients than that, including calories.

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    PS: What nutritious essentials do you always have in your fridge?

    KT: I’m all about the greens, says KC. My favorite vegetables are zucchini, asparagus, and broccoli, which I always eat. I sprinkle garlic on pretty much everything since I find it to be delicious and healthy. I also adore almond milk; I add it to my oatmeal, smoothies, and granola for breakfast. I try not to drink coffee, but if I do, almond milk and a little honey make a great creamer substitute.


    Concluding, KT said: Never give up.  Results don’t appear right away; it takes time and dedication. It won’t always be simple. Second, don’t be reluctant to seek assistance. Never be afraid to ask questions, whether they are about food or workout techniques. There is so much to learn, and I continue to learn something new every day. It is better to do things correctly for the best outcomes than to be unsure and not reap the full rewards or consequences. Finally, begin immediately! Why wait until you can begin right now? Always strive to do more; never settle for less. You are just depriving yourself of your entire potential if you put in less than your best effort or delay starting.

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